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Bodybuilders have been getting into porn in a big way over the past few years, with a whole host of films being made and uploaded online.But it seems like there’s been a lack of bodybuilders and gay porn featuring women body builders. According to Pornhub, the number of lesbian porn films uploaded to the site has […]

How to make your body look your age, thanks to a dieter

A dieter’s diet can be more than just a fad diet, but there’s one way to look like a professional athlete: by eating the wrong foods.Read more How can you look younger?In a study led by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, scientists found that a person’s body mass index (BMI) is the best […]

Natty Bikini Bodybuilder & Natty Bodybuilder Pornstars on a Bigger & Better Deal

Natty’s bodybuilder porn career has taken her from the streets of Miami Beach to the Hollywood Bowl.She now has more than 100 porn sites to her credit and a massive following.Natty is a regular on The Daily Show and recently sat down with the Huffington Post’s Alexis Madrigal for a candid interview about her career.Read […]

The best bodybuilders in the world

Bodybuilding porn is back.And the best porn is still here, in this week’s bodybuilding porn collection.If you’re looking for bodybuilders that are bigger, leaner, more muscular, and look more like stars than porn stars, this collection of bodybuilders is the place to go.But if you’re a porn fan looking for the same kind of pornstars […]