K-pop star Kim Jung Suk to join the cast of ‘Loving’

Kim Jung Sung Suk has signed on to star in “Loving,” a romantic comedy starring Tae Kyung Soo, K-Pop star and actress Kim Jung Soo and singer Kang Seung Sooyeon.

“Liking” the movie is expected to open this fall in North America, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kim Jung Suk, a reality TV personality and a member of the K-Beauty competition, will play Tae Hyun Soo’s (Jung Sooueon) husband and mother.

He is a well-respected bodybuilder who wants to start a family with his wife, but finds himself unable to get pregnant after his first daughter was born at age five.

He tries to convince his wife to give birth to a boy instead.

The movie will premiere at the Korea Film Awards in January.

The film’s plot centers around Tae Yong Woo (Kang Seung Woo) and Kim Jung Seung SOo (Jang Soo), a married couple who meet in a grocery store and fall in love.

Tae Jong Woo is a retired firefighter who lost his life in a tragic accident, and has to rebuild his life as a firefighter and as a father.

Taedong Soo is an aspiring actress who lives with her father in a rural village in southern Korea.

They fall in and out of love and are separated when the husband is deployed overseas.

Taimi (Lee Sang Ho) and the young Kim Jung SOo have the opportunity to reconnect, but Tae goes to see her father on a trip.

The couple falls in love and have a daughter, and the movie opens with a romantic scene between Tae and his wife.

Tafel (Kim Jong Suk) is a police officer who is also married to Tae, and is sent on a dangerous mission to track down Tae’s ex-wife.

They marry in a church ceremony and have two children, and then Tae dies in a car accident.

Lee Sang-Ho plays Tae Woo, the husband and the father.

Kim Jung Woo plays Taedung Soos.

Kim Sang-Hwan plays Taime. 

Tae Yong Soo stars in the movie, which was produced by K-AOS.

It has already been confirmed that Lee Sang-Woo will also appear in the film.

The film is set for a 2018 release. 

Kim Jung SOO is the third female K-beauty contestant to be cast in the feature film.

Actress Jung Ji Yeon, the third daughter of Korean celebrities Kim Yoo Hyeon and Kim Hyung Won, starred in the 2017 feature film “The Beautiful Boy,” which was also produced by Korean entertainment agency JYP Entertainment.