Which bodybuilders have stretched the limits of their muscles?

Bodybuilders who have reached the peak of their physical prowess and reached the pinnacle of their careers can look forward to a long and lucrative career.

It seems as if they are the epitome of bodybuilding: strong, muscular, and with a massive amount of muscle on display.

Some of them have reached their physical peak years before the rest of us.

Here are the 10 bodybuilders who are probably the most muscular of all bodybuilders.1.

Arnold Schwarzenegger2.

Arnold Baur3.

Mark Spitz4.

Bruce Lee5.

Arnold “the Great” Strong6.

Arnold Johnson7.

Arnold Cote8.

Chris Pronger9.

Arnold Nastassky10.

George Foreman1.

Tim Montgomery2.

Joe Louis3.

Arnold Palmer4.

Mark Kump5.

Mark Coleman6.

Bruce Jenner7.

Barry Bonds8.

Muhammad Ali9.

Mark Wahlberg10.

Jack Dempsey