How to Get Your Ass Naked For Your Bodybuilding Photos

Bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno was once a pretty hot bodybuilder, but he became one of the most popular and hated bodybuilders of all time.

The story goes that Lou had the audacity to take a photo with his bare chest and it went viral on the Internet, earning him a lifetime ban from Playboy.

Lou is now known as the “Naked Guy” and is one of his last surviving bodybuilders.

His story has been told many times over, but the latest installment in the Lou Ferrignment Bodybuilding documentary series tells his story in new, intimate detail.

Lou FerrIGNO was once one of my favorite bodybuilders, and I think I have an incredible story about how I became the biggest bodybuilder of all times, and the most hated.

This is a story that’s very, very important for me and a great part of my identity as a person.

Lou says, “I think the world would be a better place if every single person got naked for their own body, because you would see the world in a different light.

The world would see how we’re all just flesh and blood.

We’re all the same.”

Lou has been telling his story for decades, but we finally get a peek inside his mind.

I’m going to let Lou Ferrigne speak for himself, and tell you why he believes nudity is important for bodybuilders as much as it is for everyone else.

Lou, you are one of a kind.

Lou tells us about how he became famous for his physique and the world at large.

He started off as a young kid in the Dominican Republic, and by the time he got to his late twenties he was one of Brazil’s best bodybuilders and a very successful figure skating champion.

He would go on to become a top bodybuilder in Brazil, the world’s biggest country.

But Lou says that one day, in 2003, he was trying to get a photo of himself with his wife at a local gym, and he didn’t think his photo would make it past the gate.

Lou recalls: I was just so focused on getting my ass out of the way that I was actually just too focused on it.

I went back to the gym to get my ass done and saw that my wife was in a bikini, so I thought, I have to do this!

So I was trying out this photo and it’s actually the most beautiful picture I’ve ever taken, because I actually have to get naked.

I think Lou was really proud of it.

Lou and his wife had gotten married in 2004, and that’s when Lou discovered he had a penis.

Lou was horrified to find out that his wife, who was still pregnant at the time, had a male organ.

He had to leave Brazil in 2003 to have an operation.

In 2008, Lou got his life back together.

He went back home and was able to start dating a woman, who is now his wife.

Lou remembers: I had to do a lot of emotional work to get over the shock of that, and a lot that went into getting myself together.

I didn’t even realize how many people had asked me about this before I got married, but I think everybody has been very kind.

I feel so lucky to have had such a strong support system, and it just so happens that I’m married to a very talented woman, and she’s also a really good bodybuilder.

Lou continues: I just wish I could have had more help and I wish that I could’ve stayed married to her.

I don’t think it would have changed anything, and so I was kind of relieved that I did have some kind of help and that I would be able to live a normal life with my wife.

The truth is that bodybuilding is a lot more about self-confidence than it is about having a penis, but Lou does have some advice for those who have the balls to get nude for their bodies.

Lou explains: I think that if you’re willing to get the body out of your mind, then it’s really going to make you more confident and more confident in yourself.

I would never have done it, but that’s not why I did it.

When Lou Ferragni says, Get your butt out of there, you’ll find out how important it is to get in the gym, because it will make you feel stronger.

Lou’s story is also important to remember when you’re looking for a new body.

You can’t have your ass in the ground and you can’t be on a beach with your back to a tree.

Lou also offers his own tips for getting your body right for your physique and career goals.

Lou told us, “You can’t just be a bodybuilder if you don’t look like a body builder.

If you’re just not in the right body shape, it doesn’t mean that you’re not talented.”

The bodybuilder Lou is trying to change is one that has been a favorite of many bodybuilders for decades. Lou has