The World’s Biggest Female Bodybuilder John Cena is #1 on Forbes 2016 list of men

John Cena’s #1 ranking on Forbes’ 2016 list may not have much to do with the fact that he’s the world’s biggest male bodybuilder.

The list is filled with the biggest names in the world of fitness, but Cena tops the list.

John Cena was named one of the world 10 best male bodybuilders by Men’s Fitness magazine, the magazine’s highest honor.

That means he tops the annual list of top male body builders.

Cena has already won multiple championships, and he’s won several weight classes, so it’s no surprise that he is the most sought after female bodybuilding star.

John is also the oldest bodybuilder in the United States.

It seems he was born with a lot of power, but it was all in his head.

“I grew up a power freak,” John told ABC News’ David Wright in 2016.

“Power is not something I was born to have, it’s something I’ve always been born to be, and I’ve got to find that balance.”

Cena says that as he got older, he developed his bodybuilding prowess.

“It started with strength, but now I’ve been working on power for a long time,” he said.

John also credits his parents with being his main inspiration for bodybuilding.

“They were the first parents I ever had who actually wanted to train,” he told ABC’s David Wright.

Cena also shared his thoughts on the recent shooting death of a Black man, Robert Bates, at the hands of a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina.

“The white cops are the ones that did this,” Cena said.

“These police officers, they don’t deserve it.

They don’t even deserve to be alive, let alone a human being.”

The list also includes some people who are not on Forbes: John Cena, John Mayer, and Ariana Grande.

John, however, doesn’t plan on dropping his ranking anytime soon.

“People keep asking me, ‘Hey, how do you know that he has the best ranking?'”

Cena said, “I think it’s because of how well he’s built, and how much effort he’s put in.”

You can read the full list of world’s top female bodybuilders at Forbes’ website.