Patrick Moore’s bodybuilding bodybuilder dad was in the process of moving to New York City when his bodybuilder father was murdered

Bodybuilder Patrick Moore’s dad, Patrick Moore, was murdered in October 2018 in New York and his body was discovered with his throat slashed.

Moore was reportedly in the city for the funeral of his mother.

The New York Times reported that Moore’s family was told by the New York Police Department that they had been told that Moore was at his father’s funeral and that he was killed by his estranged wife.

The Times said Moore’s sister said he was at the funeral and told police that he saw Moore at the same funeral.

He was also allegedly seen on surveillance video being dragged away from the scene of the crime.

Police said Moore was stabbed in the neck and was taken to the hospital.

His body was found a short time later, with his neck slashed.

Moore’s brother, Jeff Moore, said Moore is “doing great” and said his brother was “the nicest person.”

He told the Times that he had not spoken to his brother since the shooting.

He also said he believed his brother had been framed for the crime and that Moore would not be making any comments about the crime during his interview with police.

Moore, who has a bodybuilding background, told the New Yorker he is “still processing the news” and would be returning to New Jersey soon.

The family told the paper that Moore is a retired professional wrestler and was one of the most respected and respected men in the world, with more than 50,000 followers on Twitter.

His brother told the magazine Moore was “a great man” and that his death was “unfortunate.”

Moore has reportedly been a fixture at the New Jersey gym where he trained.

He has also been a contributor to and is a former competitive bodybuilder.

He is currently the owner of the Bodybuilding Fitness Center in Monmouth, New Jersey, according to the website.

Moore had been involved in bodybuilding for over 20 years, but was also a professional wrestler who competed in the United States Championship Wrestling (UFC) for more than two decades.

He competed in pro wrestling for several years and later went on to work for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as a talent trainer.

The Moores have three children: a son, Zachary, and a daughter, Hannah, who is a fashion model.