Tom Prince: Bodybuilding Books: Body Building: The Best of Tom Prince, Tom Prince and the rest

Tom Prince is the first-ever author of Bodybuilding books and his latest is called Bodybuilding: The Definitive Collection.

It was first published in 2013.

Tom also co-authored Bodybuilding Secrets: The Official Guide to Building and Thinning Your Body with Tom Prince in 2015.

Tom Prince has written more than 200 books, including, The Bodybuilding Book Club, Bodybuilding, Bodybuilders and more.

He’s also written a number of non-fiction books including Bodybuilders’ History of the World: The Making of America, Body Building, Body Builders: A History of Bodybuilders, BodyBuilding: A Memoir, Bodybuilders: The True Story of the Bodybuilders: The Original American Bodybuilder, Body building: The Art of Body Building and Bodybuilding in the Age of Health.

Tom has published three books on his website and a couple more on Amazon.

Tom is the author of The Bodybuilder’s Guide to Training: Secrets of the Elite Bodybuilder.

Tom lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, daughter and two cats.