Bodybuilding tattoo artist wins $100K for helping tattoo artist get tattoos

Bodybuilding tattoos are not a new concept.

There are hundreds of thousands of them on the market, and they have become a huge revenue stream for the industry.

In recent years, however, the bodybuilding tattoo industry has seen a dramatic decline in business, with only a handful of major companies making a profit on the business.

Now, a bodybuilder from New Jersey is making headlines after she earned $100,000 for helping a friend get her first tattoo.

Kristina Juhasz, who is known as the ‘Tattoo Girl’ for her strong, tattooed body, received her first bodybuilding body tattoo after winning the Miss New Jersey Teen T-shirt Contest.

Her friend, 21-year-old Natalie N. Jackson, won the competition in November.

According to the Miss NJ Teen Tshirt Contest website, Miss NJTeenTshirt Contest judges decide who will be the winner of the Miss Teen Tote Contest.

Jackson received the first tattoo in January 2016, with Juh as her inspiration.

She was inspired by the ‘The Bodybuilder’ tattoo artist who was the first person to be able to tattoo someone else’s body. 

The tattoo artist is known for creating a body that’s both muscular and thin.

In addition to being tattooed on the inside of her body, Jackson’s tattoo also has a large, silver heart on the outside. 

Tattoos can be made in the shape of anything from a fish or bird to a giant hand, according to the website.

Juh said she was impressed by the amount of money she was able to earn for helping Jackson get her tattoo.

“It was just a blessing for me, just being able to give back to someone else and get my name out there,” she said.

“I can’t thank her enough for helping me get that tattoo, it was really amazing.

It really was just my way of giving back and saying thanks.”

Juh and Jackson are now planning to get married and have a family together. 

Juh says that if she ever got the chance, she would like to get her own tattoo. 

“I’d like to do my own tattoo, I don’t really think that’s a bad idea. 

I would definitely like to tattoo myself,” she told ABC News. 

Bodybuilding tattoos have become popular in recent years.

Many have gotten large, as many tattoo artists have begun creating more intricate designs.

TattOO Magazine, a publication for bodybuilders, published an article on Saturday highlighting the tattoo industry’s decline in 2016.

The magazine wrote that bodybuilders were making more money for their tattoo artists than ever before. 

As tattoos have grown in popularity, so have their profits.

Bodybuilding companies have seen the number of tattoos sold rise from just under 2 million in 2015 to 5.7 million in 2016, according the magazine.

Tatsupatista, a company that creates body art, saw its business shrink from 1.6 million in 2010 to less than 500,000 in 2017. 

There have also been several incidents of bodybuilders getting tattoos that are more than a year old. 

In April 2017, the former model Bella Thorne was in trouble for a tattoo she got at the age of 17.

In October 2017, Bodybuilding magazine reported that Bodybuilding Tattooing International (BTOI) had been in financial trouble for nearly a year. 

On Friday, Juh received her tattoo on her right forearm. 

 “It’s a huge honor to get my first tattoo, and I hope to keep it going,” she wrote on Instagram. 

This story has been updated to include a statement from Bodybuilding Magazine.