Why are you so obsessed with bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is not a sport, nor is it a sport that we can just go to and do the workout.

There are many, many other sports that involve many different types of bodybuilding workouts.

In fact, it’s a very difficult sport to quantify because the competition is so high, and we have to focus on the workouts and not the results.

But, that’s one of the reasons why bodybuilding is so interesting to me.

Bodybuilding is a sport.

It’s a competitive sport.

There’s no time limit.

There is no prize money.

And we’re getting a lot of media attention for it, which is amazing.

And there’s so many people competing.

It doesn’t have to be about a certain amount of weight, or the number of reps, or how many sets of a certain exercise, but it has to be a combination of all those things.

You know, it takes a lot to get the body you want.

It takes a certain level of discipline.

And I’ve been a bodybuilder my whole life.

And it was like, wow, there’s a sport out there for me.

It’s a really good sport to watch.

I’m a body builder.

I love bodybuilding.

And this sport has been around for a long time.

It just hasn’t been popularized.

And you know, I think the reason that people love it is because there’s this amazing community of bodybuilders, there are so many bodybuilders in this country.

And that’s the beauty of it, it has a community, there is a lot going on in the community of bodies, and the bodybuilding community, it does a great job of connecting with people.

I don’t think there’s anybody that is more connected to the community than John Cena.

He’s such a huge champion.

So, I was watching a video of him, he was talking about his bodybuilding journey.

And the one thing that he talked about was that his bodybuilder father didn’t know what he was doing, and he had to learn all by himself, and you know what?

I think that’s where he got his inspiration for being a bodybuilding champion.

I mean, I’ve seen guys who were just born with this bodybuilder body and they were like, Oh, my god, that was the coolest thing.

But it was so overwhelming, it was just like, how do you actually do that?

But that’s kind of the beauty about bodybuilding: You just have to do it.

You have to work at it.

And John Cena has a great body.

And he’s just like that, he’s such an inspiration to all of us, and there’s not really anything else like him.

So I love John Cena and I think he’s one cool guy.

I know he’s a great dude.

I know that he does it with the best of them, and I like to believe that he’s not just doing it for the money, he does this for the love of it.

It was a long road.

I’ve known John for years, I grew up watching him.

I grew it up watching his videos.

And, so, I thought, wow this is something I should try, I should really try.

I was like yeah, I don’s it.

But he has to take a break for a couple years, and then he starts it again.

I just kind of figured, what’s the point?

I think he was inspired by the work he had done in a body shop, which I didn’t think was possible for a body.

So that’s why I was so excited when I saw him go through the process of getting his body, because I thought he was going to go into bodybuilding just like anybody else.

And now I’m watching it again and I’m like oh my god.

And so I went on YouTube, and watched it again, and that’s when I was thinking, wow I’m going to try to become a body, but I’m not just going to do one workout or one routine.

I need to really do a lot.

And just doing the routine, you know?

I had this idea of doing this for years and years and I didn’s and might as well go to the gym, and just go do it for a month or two or three weeks, and really work on it and really get good.

And after a couple months, I started getting better and better, and now I can do this for weeks at a time.

And my goal is just to go from the gym to the movies and then to the house.

And then to get good at it again to become the body that everyone wants me to be.

And yeah, he has that.

I’m just trying to give back to the body.

I think everyone has that desire, and John is one of them.

I saw it when I first saw his videos, and it just hit me. So