How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new bodybuilding documentary has sparked an online debate

On March 7, Schwarzenegger posted a video on YouTube of himself, his wife and their three children posing with a bodybuilding contest.

In it, Schwarzenegger and his wife Gisele strutting with their arms crossed over their chests while Schwarzenegger and Giseele’s kids hold a toy with a picture of Arnold.

The video, which was first posted on March 5, has garnered nearly 3 million views since then.

The bodybuilding community reacted to the video with a variety of reactions.

Many said it was over the top, while others questioned the legitimacy of the contest.

Others called the bodybuilding video overblown, saying Schwarzenegger is an extremely muscular man and that he could have been much stronger.

The bodybuilding subreddit r/bodybuilding even went so far as to call it “fake news” and “a fake bodybuilding event.”

“We have reached a point in time where bodybuilding is considered something that has been invented by Hollywood,” one Redditor posted.

“In the same way that we have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger take out his trusty belt buckle and walk around the stage in his own likeness, we have reached this point where it is becoming mainstream.

If you think this is over the tops, you are absolutely right.

The reality is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very fit man, a great physique and is a bodybuilder.

His success is proof that you can be a great bodybuilder without ever having to have any training or any form of dedication to bodybuilding.

He has built up a very successful career by working hard, eating right, doing his homework and staying in shape.”

The bodybuilder subreddit also slammed Schwarzenegger’s wife Gittele for taking the bodybuilder contest on the road.

“I think it’s important to be fair, even if we disagree with each other, we respect each other,” one commenter wrote.

“The point of having an open dialogue is to understand and learn from each other and to be respectful.

This is not a fight.

I will be watching this contest, and I will probably post comments, but I won’t do so with the expectation that the other poster will agree with me.”

Others argued that the contest was actually a celebration of Schwarzenegger’s physical prowess.

“Bodybuilding was a huge part of his life growing up, and now it’s a huge factor in his career,” one person said.

“I think people have a natural need to connect with their favorite athletes and it’s great to see Arnold getting a huge kick out of it.”

Others also defended the bodybuilders participation in the contest, arguing that it was just a good time to show the world that the body can be made and not just a thing to be worked up over.

“You are a human being with a very unique body, with muscles that will last you for a lifetime and that are extremely versatile and incredibly flexible,” one poster said.

“If you have any questions about the legitimacy or ethics of the body building contest, you can look to Arnold and Gitteles participation in it.”

The video has sparked controversy among the body-building community, which has called the contest a fake.

A group of bodybuilding fans organized a petition on to remove the contest and the bodybuying contest from YouTube.

“Bodybuilding is nothing more than an entertainment show, not a real competition,” one user wrote.

A number of other bodybuilding subreddits have also called for the contest to be removed, including r/Bodybuilding, r/thesport and r/sharknado.

Many bodybuilding forums also expressed anger and outrage over the stunt.

“To me, it’s clear that Arnold is being paid to be the king of body building, so why would he go to such lengths to show that he isn’t?” r/biohacker wrote.

“People who want to see a healthy body, are willing to pay to watch a body builder, so it’s no surprise that they want to make it into a spectacle, and then go out and do it themselves,” r/mixedmartial arts wrote.

The BodyBuilding subreddit has also become a battleground for a fight that will likely take years to resolve.

“A lot of us have been trying to work through the body, and Arnold is the one who is pushing it,” r://bodybuilding said.

“[The contest] is a stunt, and he’s trying to get paid to do it.

If that’s the case, I think we should be calling for a boycott of his channel, not the contest.”

The controversy has also caused a stir among the fitness industry.

“We’re very disappointed that this was used to promote bodybuilding contests.

Bodybuilding was not an athletic contest in the sense of competition, which is something that was not really taught in bodybuilding schools, and it was never a thing that could be used to get a young athlete into bodybuilding,” a