FourFour Two: How to Get More Muscle without Getting More Fat – How to Be More Fit

What are the best and worst ways to gain muscle without getting fat?

The answers to that question are covered in the latest FourFourtwo podcast.

In this episode, FourFour2’s Jamie O’Hara explains how he lost a ton of weight without getting too fat, and how his journey to the weight-loss world has taught him that the best way to gain weight without becoming too fat is to do a lot of cardio.

Jamie also discusses the secrets to a healthy diet, and the secrets of a lean physique.

Find out how Jamie went from a bodybuilder to an athlete, why his diet plan has worked for him, and what the secret to being lean and toned is.

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FourFourTwo: The secret to a lean and healthy physique – How To Get More…

Jamie O’Brien is a bodybuilding coach and trainer from London, England, and he is the founder of FourFourSeconds.

Jamie has been a bodyweight trainer and fitness enthusiast for over 14 years and he has been working with people in all shapes, sizes, and abilities for over 10 years.

Jamie has also written for the popular BBC Sport website, he has written a book about his journey as a body builder, he is a certified personal trainer and he runs a personal training and nutrition company called FourFour Seconds.

Jamie’s blog can be found at and his YouTube channel is at www:// also tweets at [email protected] Follow Jamie on Twitter at and Facebook at​JamieTee