Bodybuilder Marries Doll,Indian Bodybuilder,Bodybuilding Tattoo

Mariah, the Indian bodybuilder with a doll of her own, has married her doll of 15 years, a doll with a body that was sculpted by the Indian sculptor Kunal Thakur, who is the son of sculptor Bala Chakra Thakurtasamy.

She is the daughter of Rajesh Thakuran, the founder of the Bali Bali Body Art Centre.

The bridegroom, Mariah Dias, a 33-year-old, said the body art centre, which opened in Bali in 2002, was inspired by her own dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.

Mariah said she would take up the doll’s job if she is not a body builder.

Mariam and Kunal are known for their sculpting skills and the bridegrooms own two of the three dolls they created for their wedding.

Maraj said they are looking forward to having the doll work with her.

Marimah and Kuman Thakurs are both from Thakuru, in Tamil Nadu.

Mariah’s husband, Marijane, said they have been engaged for three years.

“We have always been friends and we had a great time getting married.

We are going to have the doll with us when we go to India.

I am happy for her to work for me, and she is going to take on her role,” Marijan said.

Marijanes husband has worked in the field of sculpting and was the sculptor behind Kunal’s sculptures.

Kunal is also a famous sculptor in the country, with works including the Kalyani statue and the Dangra sculpture.