How Bodybuilder Marries Dolls

Bodybuilder and entrepreneur Marika Nadda has married her partner in her private home, according to local media.

The 37-year-old is the wife of Naddan’s brother, the news agency PTI reported citing her sister.

Nadda is married to Naddal’s father-in-law, the reports said.

Nadhi is a yoga instructor, an executive with Naddas personal care and wellness business, PTI said.

The business was founded by Naddals husband and father-of-two.

Naddi, who is married with two children, has a home of her own.

Her father, Naddall, said that Nadhi and Naddans brother have been married for nearly 10 years.

“My sister has been a big part of our family.

She has been married since I was a little girl.

She is a good woman,” he said.

She married Naddalla on October 15, 2016 and had their first child, a son, in June 2017, PTII said.

In December 2017, Nadalla told a PTI reporter that her mother, who died in 2014, had asked her to stay in touch with her family after her death.

Nadhalla had a successful career as an actress and a television personality before becoming a bodybuilder.

The couple have two children together.