Bodybuilder Tan Gets A Lot Of Attention For His Bodybuilding Tan

A few weeks ago, bodybuilder Tan Lee decided to take a shot at becoming the next big thing in bodybuilding.

He went to the gym twice a day for 12 hours a day, including lifting weights.

Then he set his sights on a physique that could rival his friend and fellow bodybuilder Johny Hendricks.

He began training with his father and was soon featured on the cover of

“I love this sport,” Tan said.

“I’m just really passionate about it.”

Tan Lee, the former bodybuilder and the current star of the NBC reality show “BODYBUILDING,” has taken his obsession with bodybuilding to a whole new level, and the result is a new, full-blown sport in the making.

Tan Lee has been training hard, even if he can’t compete on a professional level, in order to compete in the world’s largest bodybuilding competition, the Bodybuilding Worlds.

The competition is held in the Bahamas.

It is one of the world-famous bodybuilding gyms and has the potential to be one of those worlds most prestigious bodybuilding competitions.

Tan Lee was born in Manila and grew up in Manila, Philippines.

His father is a fitness coach and his mother is a bodybuilder.

He competed in the Philippines’ Bodybuilding World Championships, which were held in 2007 and 2008.

I have to admit, I was disappointed at first when I was first approached for this competition,” Tan told NBC News.

As he prepares for the competition, Tan said, “I knew I had to do something different.

I had the opportunity to do it.

But I was not ready.

When I got the call for this show, I thought this is a dream come true.

“Tan and his wife, Mariam, were already a couple when they decided to enter the competition.

They got married in 2015 and decided to be active participants in the competition and compete in competitions together.

They were also a couple in a relationship before their wedding, and they were already planning their wedding together.

They were not ready for the pressure that comes with competing in this competition, said Tan.

Even though the competition is not a real competition, he said, he still wanted to compete.

For now, Tan and Mariam are just looking forward to their wedding day.

They plan to take in the ocean and eat lobster, shrimp and sardines.

They are hoping to have their wedding in a few weeks.

Tan is not the only bodybuilder competing in the BTS competition.

Other competitors include former bodybuilders Jommy Pangilinan, Victor “The Rock” Gonzalez, Antonio Rivera and Sergio Moraes.

They compete in tournaments in China and Japan.

Tan and his fellow competitors are trying to do their best to reach their dreams of becoming a bodybuilding legend.

What do you think about Tan Lee and his goal to be the next bodybuilder?

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