Russian bodybuilder has been banned from bodybuilding forum

A Russian bodybuilding enthusiast has been barred from the forum for his vegan diet, it has emerged.

In the wake of the death of Russian actor Aleksandr Golovkin in July, the forum banned Russian bodybuilders from posting.

But now a Russian forum member has claimed he was banned after posting that vegan bodybuilders should be banned from the site, The Siberian Times reported.

“The forum has not been banned and the Russian body builders are still allowed to post there,” the forum member, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper.

“This is a personal opinion of the Russian member, however it has been brought to my attention by the moderators and he has been asked to clarify.”

In a comment posted to the forum, the moderator added: “We are aware of the posts made by the forum members on the topic of vegan body building, but as it is a private forum we do not comment on the content of individual posts.”

A bodybuilder’s vegan dietA vegan bodybuilder may not be a bodybuilder but his vegan lifestyle has earned him his fair share of controversy.

Bodybuilding is a form of fitness, and the popular movement has become one of the most popular bodybuilding competitions in the world.

In 2012, the World Championship in Russia was held on the same day as the Olympic Games.

The event is staged in Moscow and has been described as a “bodybuilding show”, as bodybuilders compete in a series of competitions in order to earn their physique.

At the event, which also features the best athletes in the country, bodybuilders train for four weeks in a row, and compete against each other for a place at the finals.

But not everyone shares the bodybuilding community’s enthusiasm for vegan body builders.

The bodybuilder community has also come under fire in recent years, with one forum member describing vegan body models as “disgusting”, “disordered”, “unhealthy”, and “diseased”.

“I’ve had a number of people ask me how it is that they can eat vegan,” one forum user wrote.

“It is impossible for me to explain to them that they are disgusting and unhealthy, or that they should be thrown out of their own country.”

A vegan dietIt’s not just vegan body weight that makes vegan body beauty more appealing.

A vegan’s vegan body is usually more attractive, more lean, and in many cases healthier.

A study found that a vegan’s body mass index (BMI) is more accurate than a BMI for white people, and women’s body fat percentage is also higher.

But in Russia, the country’s vegan community is not universally embraced, with some even accusing the bodybuilder movement of selling out to an “extremist” ideology.

In 2015, Russian body builder Alexei Kuzmin, who died in February after being diagnosed with cancer, was the subject of a “crisis” video series on the internet that was widely criticised.

The video series, which was filmed by Russian filmmaker Alexey Tsypolev, revealed the sad reality of his life.

“You have a lot of questions and I would like to ask you questions about your own life, about your childhood, about the situation in your country,” Mr Kuzminev said in the video.

“How are you living your life now?”

“You’re a fat person, aren’t you?

Do you have cancer?””

It’s just a pity that you don’t have a bigger belly and a bigger waist,” Mr Tsypotolev said.

Mr KuzMIN has since died, but not before a number in the bodybuilders community spoke out against his “toxic” lifestyle.

“What does it say about your body?

That you are an unhealthy, degenerate, diseased human being,” one commenter on the video said.”

He’s so sick and he’s dead, that you should feel bad about that?””

He was a good guy, and he loved animals, but he should have known better,” another commenter said.

Somebody needs to ask Alexey what his real reason was.