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Bodybuilder Magazine is a newsmagazine that features a selection of top bodybuilding and fitness magazines and magazines from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Bodybuilder Magazine has been around for over 30 years and it has been the largest bodybuilding magazine in the UK and Canada since the late 1980s.

The magazine is run by James, a member of the Bodybuilding magazine staff.

James is the magazine’s senior editor and is the son of James McLean, the editor-in-chief of Bodybuilding Magazine.

James was born and raised in Manchester, a city of around 1.3 million people, which is a major bodybuilding hub.

James has a PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Leicester and has worked for a number of years as a clinical psychologist and a nutritionist.

James is a member at Bodybuilding UK and the magazine is edited by Tom Lacey.

James told Newsweek he was inspired to create Bodybuilder in the 1980s after reading a copy of Bodybuilder.

“The magazine was about bodybuilding.

It was about people who wanted to be successful.

It had a strong focus on fitness and the body,” he said.

James says he loves the fact that Bodybuilder covers fitness and bodybuilding issues.

A spokesperson for Bodybuilders told Newsweek, “Bodybuilder was founded in 1985 by James McLeod and has been published for more than 30 years.

We are proud of the fact we have been so well received and have been in the top 100 for 25 years.”

Bodybuilder is the largest and most popular bodybuilding news magazine in Britain and is regularly ranked as one of the top 20 most read magazines in the world.

According to the International Business Times, Bodybuilder has been named the UK’s top sports and fitness magazine for six consecutive years and is currently number 1 in the US.

“We’ve got a diversity of people in the magazine.””

[My father] had a vision of the magazine that was accessible to all and it was about a diverse range of people,” he told Newsweek.

“We’ve got a diversity of people in the magazine.”

The magazine also has a wide range of topics covering a range of bodybuilding topics.

In the Bodybuilder section, James says there are a number bodybuilding forums that cover bodybuilding, bodybuilding competitions, bodybuilder tips and bodybuilder magazines.

James says one of his favourite bodybuilding magazines is Bodybuilding.org, a community of bodybuilders, and he said there are several Bodybuilding Forums and forums in the Bodybuilders forum.

James also loves the Body Builder Magazine and says he is proud to have been the editor of Bodybuilders.

“Bodybuilding Magazine is one of my favourite magazines and I’m proud to be the editor,” he says.

He also loves bodybuilding in general and has a great sense of humour about the sport.

James said he has a passion for bodybuilding as he is obsessed with bodybuilding for many years.

One of the reasons he has wanted to become a bodybuilder is that he loves bodybuilders and wants to give them a platform.

“I love to see the athletes on the news.

I love the sport, I love to watch them compete and I love seeing the media,” he explains.

James has competed in bodybuilding events in the past and has had his bodybuilding photos taken and posted on various bodybuilding websites and forums.

James tells Newsweek he is not interested in becoming a bodybuilding star.

“At the end of the day, I’m not interested,” he states.

“I’m not a body builder and I don’t have to be a body building star.”

James has also said that he would love to compete in a bodybuilders contest and is also interested in being a body builders ambassador.

James admits that he is still working on becoming a bigger, stronger and bigger man.

He says that he wants to take his body weight down to a lower point but says he still wants to get bigger.

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James McLean is the editor in chief of BodyBuilder magazine.