‘Bodybuilder’ to sue over comments about women

Bodybuilder Anthony Haman will sue a woman who has accused him of groping her, it has been reported.

The Irish Times has reported the 25-year-old from Kilkenny is suing a woman over a Facebook post made by Mr Haman on the social media site.

It claims the comment “suggested that a woman should have sex with her husband and that she should wear a short skirt or underpants”.

It claims he was “a creep and a predator”.

Mr Haman was named in the post by a woman on Friday who described herself as a former colleague of his and said he had repeatedly made sexual advances towards her.

She said he would have been fired if he had been in her situation.

Mr Hamans Facebook page has since been taken down.

The statement was made on Friday by the woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

She told The Irish Independent that she had been with Mr Hamans family for four years and that the post had been shared hundreds of times and had been “liked” by more than 10,000 people.

She also told The Independent that Mr Hamant had previously threatened to leave the family.

She had not seen him since 2014 and that he had left a string of messages and messages of support on her phone.

She has asked for €150,000 in damages.

Ms Haman, who said she was “shocked and devastated” to learn about the post, said the woman’s account of the incident was “ridiculous” and he had never behaved in such a way towards her in his life.

She claimed he would not have done such a thing if he was married.

She added: “The worst part is I don’t know how anyone could take the word of this woman who was so young, who had never had any interaction with him and was an aspiring model, who never really felt welcome with him, and who never felt like she was respected in any way by him.”

I am not sure if she knows anything about what happened to her.

I don to what extent she knows, but I do know she is traumatised.

“She said she would have had to move out of the family home because of this, and I would have felt completely betrayed if he left me because of her.”

He should be ashamed of himself.

I will always stand up for women in my profession and that is why I am speaking out.