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Bodybuilding Basics

Get big, get very big...

Bodybuilding can transform both you and your entire life. No other sport or activity has such power or ability to completely change the way you feel about yourself or your achievements. It can turn a fat and depressed person into a lean, muscular and confident go-getter or the skinny kid into the school sports hero. If you want to be massive or just improve your physique you won't find a better alternative than a healthy, consistant regime of bodybuilding, sports nutrition and diet. 

To the left, on the menu, are listed the pages that explain all the basics of bodybuilding and weight training in simple, straight-forward English and will give you a very good basis to begin your muscle building adventures! Below we'll try and offer a little inspiration and motivation to help you on your way. Get big, get very big :) 

Take a look at some of the following photos to give you an indication of how bodybuilding has worked it's magic...  Supplements and dicouns with Body Buidling Coupon Code

The Famous Movie Star and Californian Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, standing relaxed and confident. 

IFBB Pro and multiple contest winner Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone, looking amazingly powerful. 

Top IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson

The incredible muscles and symmetry of IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson. 

With effort, determination and consistent dedication to your diet, training and supplementation you will be able to achieve a physique like you can barely begin to imagine. There is nothing stopping you... 


Bodybuilding Tip Of The Week

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Side Chest Pose

Don't over-train

You may be, like tens of thousands of other bodybuilders, training too hard and too often, resulting in you not getting the kind of gains you want and expect. This is because our bodies can only cope with a certain amount of demand upon them and if you over-train then your body will have its hands full just recovering from the workouts, let alone increase the size of your muscles.

Try and listen to your body - if you feel quite tired all the time or you're feeling a bit cranky and can't sleep as well as you normally do then you may well be over training and you should reduce the number of workouts you do per week and / or your training intensity. Keep reducing your work load until you feel as though you are fully recovering from your workouts and you are noticing muscle gains.

Also, Remember the four golden aspects to gaining muscle: Training, rest, nutrition and water. If you are lacking in any of these key areas then you will not be growing as quickly as you could and should be. Over-training can result from not getting enough rest, nutrition and water. Try and get as much sleep as you can each night and drink plenty of water all throughout the day.

Post-workout nutrition is vital to preventing over-training. Consider getting yourself a good quality post workout protein and carbohydrate based protein powder - see our Post-workout Guide for more information.

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