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What protein supplement should I buy or, what is the best protein supplement?

The original and still the best...

You'll need to take protein supplements to get as big as Kevin Levrone! There are hundreds upon hundreds of different protein supplements available on the market. No wonder it is such a nightmare trying to decide which one to buy and use. My number one favourite protein supplement without any shadow of a doubt are Met-Rx's Meal Replacement sachets.

When trying to decide what protein supplement to buy you need to try and decide what it is you want to acheive by buying a supplement and then try and discover which supplement best covers those requirements and is both high quality and competitively priced.

This really isn't as easy as it sounds. There are a quite a number of different types of protein supplement and for each type there are maybe fifty or more manufacturers offering one or more products, each one shouting out how their supplement is better than their competitors.

So how do you decide between fifty different weight gainers, or fifty different pure whey powders or fifty different versions of MRP (Meal Replacement Powders - though I don't like this term, you shouldn't be replacing meals with a protein drink, you should be supplementing your diet with them - hence the name!) sachets.

My recommendation is to check the ingredients (take the time to learn what is good and bad!) and go by reputation and what others recommend. Even this can be tricky - supplement companies are notorious for lying on their ingredients list, quite often when supplements are tested they are wildly different to what is listed. This is why going by reputation and listening to others is quite important - it helps to avoid the dodgy companies and can help you narrow down your choices (though when there are equal numbers of people recommending and not recommending things get trickier - who do you trust?).

So why do I recommend Met-Rx, and their MRP sachet's in particular? Two reasons really. They were the first company to get really serious about scientific design (not just using any old whey and calling it super-whammy-explosiv or what not) and are a highly professional business. Their supplements almost always match what is listed in their ingredients when tested and they are backed by scientific experiments.

The sachets are in my opinion almost perfect. They use Met-Rx's patented blend of proteins to provide a timed release of protein over a period of hours which is vital in helping ensure positive nitrogen balance in the body (i.e. plenty of protein to build muscle whenever the body asks for it). They contain a decent amount of carbohydrates, various minerals and vitamins, some fibre and the taste is fantastic. This last point is vital, to me at least. If the protein drink tastes nice then I'm far more likely to drink it frequently - and this will help you get enough protein every day. Lets face it, if it tastes like crap then are you really going to relish drinking it up to three times a day? Hardly.

Shop around, both in the high street and online. You can find the sachets in boxes of 20 or 60 and though it varies you can normally find them for around £1 ($2) a sachet. In my opinion this is fantastic value for money for the quality of supplement you get.


Over the years I've had chance to speak to a few Pro Bodybuilders and virtually all of them (whether sponsored by Met-Rx or not!) recommended Met-RX (some even liked to make it thick and then eat it with a spoon like angel delight!). I've definitely noticed the difference in my results when using other supplements and despite the original Met-RX sachet having been around for quite a long time I still feel that it is the best supplement for general overall growth around.