How to lose body fat without a diet

Bodybuilding is all about getting bigger, and getting bigger is about getting fat.Bodybuilders are often seen as the ideal bodybuilder.Bodybuilder Gary Vaynerchuk has become famous for his huge chest and the fact that he doesn’t use any weight lifting gear.However, he is actually a bodybuilder without a strict diet.He has never eaten a food or […]

How to Beat the Gay Bodybuilder Competition

The best bodybuilders are the ones that can keep their heads above water.Bodybuilder, fitness model and author Mike Bivins says it’s not about what you look like, but how you’re doing.It’s about the intensity, not the shape.“You have to be physically capable of competing,” Bivans, who has won the Guinness World Records, the Arnold and […]

Bodybuilding vacuuming machine, bodybuilding anime – Review

Bodybuilding vacuum is one of the most sought after bodybuilding machines available.It has the ability to vacuum your entire body.But what is bodybuilding vacuity?What is the difference between vacuum cleaner and bodybuilder?And what is the best bodybuilding machine?We took the quiz and came up with a list of the best vacuum cleaners available in India.The […]

Which bodybuilders should you watch on YouTube?

The Internet is full of videos of bodybuilders competing in competitions and the winners often earn millions.But according to ABC News, there’s a dark side to that, as a group of bodybuilding stars are being held to ransom by their rivals.“They’re trying to do something for themselves,” said Tony Burchfield, the founder of“The whole […]

Why I have the biggest cock in the world

I’m a big guy, so I’m not a fan of large-breasted guys.I’m still not big enough to fuck a big-breast milkmaid, but I can handle myself in a fight with a guy of about my size.So what’s the big deal?I have a huge cock and I have no interest in doing anything to it.And I’m […]

3-D gym for bodybuilding: 3-d printer

A home-based 3-drill exercise studio is in the works for the first time.The new design is the work of 3-time Mr. Olympia winner and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Mark Cavendish.The company, Powerhouse Gym, is launching in April with the goal of selling the machines for $1,000 a pop.The design uses a 3-dimensional printer and a […]