UFC star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new workout routine includes ‘squatting’

Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing for a new workout regime and has posted a video on Instagram of his new routine, which includes squatting.In the video, posted on Instagram on Friday, the 69-year-old Schwarzenegger is seen squatting on a treadmill while his arms and legs are spread apart.The workout consists of three sets of […]

How to Build a Bodybuilder Meme

The manosphere has a thing for bodybuilders.There’s a bodybuilding subreddit, a bodybuilder blog and a bodybuilders Facebook page.But while there’s no shortage of bodybuilders on the internet, it’s also no shortage for women.In fact, women are still the fastest growing demographic in the industry, and they make up around three-quarters of the current bodybuilding market.The […]