Bodybuilders,endometriosis and the endorphins that help us live longer

Bodybuilders and endometrios in particular may be the biggest winners in a major new study published online in The Lancet.The researchers say the results suggest that endometrial dysfunction could be a possible cause of premature death in people with endometria.In the study, researchers from the University of British Columbia, the University College London and the […]

How the bodybuilder’s body can change its shape and personality

Bodybuilders have long had a fascination with changing their bodies.The sport’s roots go back to the 1960s when bodybuilders first learned how to lift weights and train.Now, some of the world’s most famous bodybuilders are embracing the idea of transforming their bodies with a new approach: “muscle change.”These transformation methods include: stretching, toning, and strengthening […]

How to use Google Play to discover Russian bodybuilders

Russian bodybuilder Bob Paris is one of the best known bodybuilders in the world.His latest film “Russian Bikini” is based on his best-selling book.However, the movie is not available in the Google Play store.We asked Google for an explanation and they said that Google Play stores all content.The reason for this is because the content […]

How to beat the Bodybuilding World’s Biggest Bodybuilder’s Body: Rob Paris

Rob Paris, the bodybuilder who once looked like he could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee, was on a diet when he died in March 2017.Paris, who was 36 years old, had a body that was nearly seven times bigger than his prime years.Paris was also on a massive steroids regimen, which would have made […]