Which bodybuilders were killed by a cancer, or died of heart disease?

The best-known bodybuilders who were killed after contracting cancer were Tony Robbins, a British businessman and bodybuilder who died in 2006, and Tony Hsieh, a Taiwanese doctor who died of a heart attack in 1995.Robbins, who was also a bodybuilder and entrepreneur, died in New York City in 2007.Hsiee died of an acute coronary syndrome […]

Tom Prince: Bodybuilding Books: Body Building: The Best of Tom Prince, Tom Prince and the rest

Tom Prince is the first-ever author of Bodybuilding books and his latest is called Bodybuilding: The Definitive Collection.It was first published in 2013.Tom also co-authored Bodybuilding Secrets: The Official Guide to Building and Thinning Your Body with Tom Prince in 2015.Tom Prince has written more than 200 books, including Bodybuilding.com, The Bodybuilding Book Club, Bodybuilding, […]

How to make bodybuilding workout gear work

The perfect bodybuilding accessory to give your body a workout is one that looks like the one on the box.Here’s a list of the best bodybuilding accessories to make your workouts more effective.1.Bodybuilder’s Bandana The bodybuilding bandana is an extremely useful accessory to use when training.It can be used for stretching, strengthening, and even when […]