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Female bodybuilders have a long history of taking marijuana, but it’s now a lot more popular than ever.A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that marijuana use among adults ages 18 to 39 increased by almost 3 percent in the past year, to the highest level since 2007.In 2015, the […]

How to build a body that won’t let you down

The bodybuilding diet isn’t just for fatheads.Its been proven to be effective for all bodybuilders, not just the fatheads that claim it.For most people, the diet will help them shed pounds, but for those who want to build muscle, it can actually hinder muscle growth.You’ll lose a lot of muscle and gain a lot less […]

Why I have the biggest cock in the world

I’m a big guy, so I’m not a fan of large-breasted guys.I’m still not big enough to fuck a big-breast milkmaid, but I can handle myself in a fight with a guy of about my size.So what’s the big deal?I have a huge cock and I have no interest in doing anything to it.And I’m […]