Bodybuilder Marries Doll,Indian Bodybuilder,Bodybuilding Tattoo

Mariah, the Indian bodybuilder with a doll of her own, has married her doll of 15 years, a doll with a body that was sculpted by the Indian sculptor Kunal Thakur, who is the son of sculptor Bala Chakra Thakurtasamy.She is the daughter of Rajesh Thakuran, the founder of the Bali Bali Body Art Centre.The […]

Bodybuilding tattoo artist wins $100K for helping tattoo artist get tattoos

Bodybuilding tattoos are not a new concept.There are hundreds of thousands of them on the market, and they have become a huge revenue stream for the industry.In recent years, however, the bodybuilding tattoo industry has seen a dramatic decline in business, with only a handful of major companies making a profit on the business.Now, a […]

5 things you might not know about bodybuilders and bodybuilding tattoos

5.Bodybuilders tattooed with a tattoo are known as bodybuilders.The name derives from the fact that the tattoos can be seen on bodybuilders’ bodies.Bodybuilding tattoos are a unique type of tattooing and are usually done with a needle and ink.Some bodybuilders also use a surgical tool to remove their tattoos.Bodybuilder tattoos are commonly done on a […]