Bodybuilding tattoo artist wins $100K for helping tattoo artist get tattoos

Bodybuilding tattoos are not a new concept.There are hundreds of thousands of them on the market, and they have become a huge revenue stream for the industry.In recent years, however, the bodybuilding tattoo industry has seen a dramatic decline in business, with only a handful of major companies making a profit on the business.Now, a […]

Bodybuilders who’re a bit overweight but leaner

Bodybuilders have been doing it for a long time.It’s the name of a popular website and a popular brand of bodybuilding equipment, and it’s a niche market.Now, with the rise of the skinny-fat movement, a number of the country’s top bodybuilders are starting to take notice.The skinny-fit trend has grown in popularity as the bodybuilding […]

Bodybuilding: The latest bodybuilding myths and the truth

Bodybuilding is the most popular fitness regimen among women and men, and it has become increasingly popular over the past several decades.While there is no doubt that women are better at it, there is also no denying that men are better than women at it.While women are more likely to achieve a muscular physique than […]