Why women like the look of a big bodybuilder

It’s not every day that you’re walking down the street, or that your friend is taking a selfie with your body.But that’s exactly what a lot of women do when they’re looking to get the body they want.And while many women like to show off their toned abs and defined figures, a lot don’t have […]

How to Deal with the Death of a Bodybuilder (Video)

Bodybuilder Nick Walker has died after being assaulted by two men at a Las Vegas strip club.The former world bodybuilding champion was stabbed in the back at the Strip Club Paradise on Sunday night, according to police.Walker, 43, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and died at a hospital on Monday, police said.Walker, who had been fighting with […]

How a former bodybuilder turned an escort turned escort turned bodybuilder became a star in her own right.

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