Jay cutler is the oldest female body builder

Jay Cutler is one of the oldest women bodybuilders.Her career began at the age of 21.Cutler had to endure the infamous “The Cutting Room Floor,” where she would get the most brutal and cruel beating that any bodybuilder could ever imagine.She would eventually become a top competitor in the world, winning gold at the 1984 […]

When it comes to women’s bodybuilder bodybuilding, one company is king

The best bodybuilding company is now in its third decade.The biggest women’s competition has been canceled.And there’s a new bodybuilder on the block.But as one of the most influential companies in the industry, and as the biggest female competitor in the business, the competition that’s in the news is something else.In 2013, Jay Cutler was […]

When a CrossFit Gym Won’t Fit You

Bodybuilders are among the most popular fitness classes, with more than 70,000 members worldwide.The popularity of the sport is growing as more people move into the fitness arena, and the competition has become more intense.A new sport is emerging, and it’s called bodybuilding.The bodybuilder is a workout designed to build muscle and strength, not just […]