How to be successful in bodybuilding

If you’re looking for a way to improve your physique and your fitness, then I suggest you consider joining the bodybuilding community.It’s a growing sport in the UK and the number of competitors is increasing at a steady pace.There are around 6,000 registered bodybuilders in the country and around 200 have signed up to compete […]

Bodybuilder and former NFL star John Cena gets hit with defamation suit over ‘sexist’ comment

Former NFL star and Bodybuilding legend John Cenac is in a defamation suit against a blogger who wrote a derogatory article about him in response to his latest film “Spartacus,” TMZ has learned.In the complaint filed on Tuesday, John Cenic’s lawyer, Daniel Bialer, accuses the blogger of using his name to “defame” Cenacs business, and […]

The World’s Biggest Female Bodybuilder John Cena is #1 on Forbes 2016 list of men

John Cena’s #1 ranking on Forbes’ 2016 list may not have much to do with the fact that he’s the world’s biggest male bodybuilder.The list is filled with the biggest names in the world of fitness, but Cena tops the list.John Cena was named one of the world 10 best male bodybuilders by Men’s Fitness […]