When it comes to natural bodybuilders, do you have a natural bodybuilder or do you just follow your natural body builder?

Natural bodybuilders compete in competitions that are usually more physical than strength based.They often use more muscle mass to achieve the same results, but in a more relaxed and controlled way.But do they really have it all figured out?The results of natural body builders’ competitions can be surprising.The Natural Bodybuilder Bodybuilder Fitness Contest can be […]

How Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new bodybuilding documentary has sparked an online debate

On March 7, Schwarzenegger posted a video on YouTube of himself, his wife and their three children posing with a bodybuilding contest.In it, Schwarzenegger and his wife Gisele strutting with their arms crossed over their chests while Schwarzenegger and Giseele’s kids hold a toy with a picture of Arnold.The video, which was first posted on […]

Which bodybuilders should you watch on YouTube?

The Internet is full of videos of bodybuilders competing in competitions and the winners often earn millions.But according to ABC News, there’s a dark side to that, as a group of bodybuilding stars are being held to ransom by their rivals.“They’re trying to do something for themselves,” said Tony Burchfield, the founder of Bodybuilding.com.“The whole […]