When you’re on keto and eating less: How to get your muscles back

The NFL’s top general manager, Joe Banner, has said that he believes that cutting out processed food and drinking plenty of water and exercising at a low intensity are the key to building muscle again after years of weight loss.But as we get ready to kick off a new NFL season, a new study shows […]

How to Deal with the Death of a Bodybuilder (Video)

Bodybuilder Nick Walker has died after being assaulted by two men at a Las Vegas strip club.The former world bodybuilding champion was stabbed in the back at the Strip Club Paradise on Sunday night, according to police.Walker, 43, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and died at a hospital on Monday, police said.Walker, who had been fighting with […]

How to get a big dick with a big ass

Bodybuilder Nick Walker is back in the news after his new tattoo, which depicts a huge, bulging cock and a black woman’s breasts.The tattoo of Walker, 36, who is now one of the world’s most sought-after bodybuilders, is the latest in a series of tattoos that have appeared on the bodybuilder’s body.Walkers wife, singer and […]