How to Make Your Body Look Better With Insulin Bodybuilding App

It’s not just bodybuilders who use Insulin to bulk up their physique.A recent study found that bodybuilders can improve their body fat percentage by taking the drug to enhance the absorption of nutrients from the gut. In this video, Spencer Haines and Brian Sainsbury talk about their process of using Insulin and the benefits it can bring to […]

Bodybuilding for the masses: How to save your money on bodybuilding equipment

Bodybuilding and bodybuilding gear has always been a niche sport, and there’s been a lot of speculation that the trend has waned over the years.There are still plenty of competitors and the sport itself is still growing, but with the rise of a new generation of athletes, the industry has gotten a bit less mainstream.To […]

Why I have the biggest cock in the world

I’m a big guy, so I’m not a fan of large-breasted guys.I’m still not big enough to fuck a big-breast milkmaid, but I can handle myself in a fight with a guy of about my size.So what’s the big deal?I have a huge cock and I have no interest in doing anything to it.And I’m […]