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Weight Training

Make the most of your time in the gym

IFBB Pro Vince Taylor 
Weight-training for bodybuilding purposes is almost a black art. Ask one hundred bodybuilders about their training programs and you'll get one hundred different ways to train. Everyone has their own ideas on how best to train but we'll list here our favourite training methods and things such as our favourite workouts. 

Learn the basics first!

This section assumes you know the basics. See our Weight Training Basics guide if you are new to bodybuilding. 

My training philosophy

Before I talk about how my workouts have evolved over my 23 years of training and why I train as I do I need to explain my current training philosophy to help you understand why I train like I do. Please see myWeight Training Philosophy guide. 

Create your own workouts!

When devising your own training strategy and workouts there are certain things you should consider whilst you plan your workouts - please read our short guide on Workout Plan Considerations. 

My Favourite Workouts

I follow the Push/Pull System, so I'll detail my three favourite workouts. Hope they are of interest to you!. 



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