How to break up with your bodybuilder: The science

Bodybuilders are known for their high-maintenance, extreme-work ethic, but they can also have a hard time separating their personal lives from their business ventures.Bodybuilder sex is an extreme way of getting laid in the bodybuilding world.So why is bodybuilder marry doll such a big deal in the fitness world?According to one of the most popular […]

How to get the most out of your workout with a bodybuilder article The best bodybuilding equipment for men is a combination of bodybuilding gear and other sports equipment.Some of the best bodybuilders of all time use a combination or mix of bodybuilders gear, but others do not. There are two basic types of bodybuilder gear: bodybuilding shoes and bodybuilding pads.Bodybuilding shoes are essentially bodybuilding training shoes.They […]

Bodybuilder Marries Doll,Indian Bodybuilder,Bodybuilding Tattoo

Mariah, the Indian bodybuilder with a doll of her own, has married her doll of 15 years, a doll with a body that was sculpted by the Indian sculptor Kunal Thakur, who is the son of sculptor Bala Chakra Thakurtasamy.She is the daughter of Rajesh Thakuran, the founder of the Bali Bali Body Art Centre.The […]

How to build a body that won’t let you down

The bodybuilding diet isn’t just for fatheads.Its been proven to be effective for all bodybuilders, not just the fatheads that claim it.For most people, the diet will help them shed pounds, but for those who want to build muscle, it can actually hinder muscle growth.You’ll lose a lot of muscle and gain a lot less […]

When it comes to women’s bodybuilder bodybuilding, one company is king

The best bodybuilding company is now in its third decade.The biggest women’s competition has been canceled.And there’s a new bodybuilder on the block.But as one of the most influential companies in the industry, and as the biggest female competitor in the business, the competition that’s in the news is something else.In 2013, Jay Cutler was […]

Bodybuilding apparel for guys who don’t want to eat meat

LONDON—Bodybuilding is booming.And it’s not just in the U.K., with more than 1,400 competitions in the country this year alone.The popularity of the sport has inspired a new breed of athletes who are willing to go beyond the basic workout routine and take on the more complicated challenges of training for and competing in bodybuilding […]